This information pertains to Linden Lab®'s Second Life® grid.

Metaverse Ink Second Life® search uses bots to collect inworld information. They all belong to a group called Smarkers. Below are their names. (updated 03/31/08)

    Computer Allen
    Collaboration Yoshikawa
    Cyberr Kidd
    Savvy Lisle
    Studious Jacobus
    Web Debevec
    Hack Swindlehurst
    Innova Despres
    IP Benelli
    Smark Slade
    Bot1 Smit
    Bot2 Smit
    CallMe Short
    Seriousely Short
    Innovate Lane
    Mary Jean
    Que Pena
    Destination Lax
    Zilda Zilz
    Polak Polek
    Good Pick
    Not Philipp

The bots go around the SL™ grid collecting information. They strictly adhere to the following information collection policy:

  • They only visit parcels that are marked "Show in search" or that are marked for sale to anyone or that explicitly list MetaverseInk Masters on the Allowed Residents access list. Within the parcels marked "Show in search", they skip those that explicitly list MetaverseInk Masters on the Banned Residents access list.
  • They collect titles, descriptions, and configuration settings of those parcels, as well as titles, descriptions and other information about objects on sale in those parcels.

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