Delisting Procedures

This action relates to users that host their 3D content in Linden Lab®'s Second Life®.

If your parcel is marked "Show in search," your parcel information is available on the Web; a google search might find it. Here is our web interface to LL's search data, and here is another one -- there are more. By default, Metaverse Ink search contains only and all of these parcels marked "Show in search," and the objects in them marked for sale or pay objects. Even though this information is on the web, you may delist your parcel and products from our search engine at any time. This can be done at 3 levels: (1) a specific parcel; (2) all parcels in an estate; and (3) a specific creator of content.

1) Self-Exclusion of Parcels

Please place the avatar MetaverseInk Masters on the list of banned residents in the parcel. Our crawlers can read that list; if they find this name there, they will stay away from the parcel and they will ignore everything in it.

2) Self-Exclusion of Estates

The bots cannot read the banned lists of regions. The names of all our bots are listed here. Please place all our bots on the list of banned residents in the estate. That way, they will not be able to get in.

3) Exclusion of Creators

If you want the products you have created delisted no matter where they are in SL™, please send a notecard to MetaverseInk Masters saying exactly:
Please delist the products whose creator is <your avatar name>

Explicit Notification

If for some reason the procedures above don't work for you, please send MetaverseInk Masters a notecard explaining your situation. To expedite our ability to process your request, please be as specific as possible.


We try to update our listings every 72 hours, although technical problems with the grid may force us to delay the updates occasionally.


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