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Addons for OpenSim Virtual Worlds  


Diva Distro: Preconfigured hypergrided standalone
Instructions included in the packages and also available here.

diva-r09210.zip (OpenSim Added 10/24/2022
diva-r09110.zip (OpenSim Added 3/4/2020
diva-r09000.zip (OpenSim Added 8/16/2017
diva-r08210.zip (OpenSim Added 12/24/2015
diva-r08200.zip (OpenSim Added 11/20/2015
diva-r25950.zip (OpenSim 0.8.1 post-fixes) Added 5/26/2015
diva-r25909.zip (OpenSim 0.8.1 post-fixes) Added 4/2/2015
diva-r25084.zip (OpenSim 0.8.0 post-fixes) Added 8/10/2014
diva-r24886.zip (OpenSim 0.8.0) Added 6/19/2014
diva-r23797.zip (OpenSim 0.7.6) Added 10/4/2013
diva-r22458.zip (OpenSim 0.7.5) Added 4/22/2013
diva-r22043.zip (OpenSim 0.7.5) Added 2/12/2013
diva-r20232-b.zip (OpenSim 0.7.4) Added 9/14/2012
diva-r18611.zip (OpenSim Added 4/1/2012


Wifi: Web App for Robust server

This package has been discontinued as of OpenSim 0.8.1. Please see this blog post for how to install Wifi for grids.

wifi-09000.zip (OpenSim 0.9.0) Added 8/16/2017
wifi-0-8-0.zip (OpenSim 0.8.0) Added 6/19/2014
wifi-0-7-6.zip (OpenSim 0.7.6) Added 10/4/2013
wifi-0-7-5.zip (OpenSim 0.7.5) Added 2/12/2013
wifi-0-7-4.zip (OpenSim 0.7.4) Added 9/14/2012
wifi-0-7-3-1.zip (OpenSim Added 4/1/2012


OnLook Viewer: Derivative of Singularity with programmable UI.

OnLook_1-8-6-6289_Setup.exe (Windows) (OpenSim(DEV)) Added 12/4/2014
OnLook_1_8_6_6289.dmg (Mac) (OpenSim(DEV)) Added 12/11/2014
OnLook_x64_1-8-6-6289.tar.gz (Linux 64bit) (OpenSim(DEV)) Added 12/6/2015
OnLook_1-8-6-6289.tar.gz (Linux 32bit) (OpenSim(DEV)) Added 12/6/2015



Solar System (inventory archive, .iar.gz) Added 01/11/2013
12 avatars from OSAvatars (inventory archive, .iar.gz) Added 12/16/2012
HG Teleporter object (inventory archive, .iar) Added 4/1/2012
Terrains for 2x2 (terrain data) Added 2009
Assorted objects (inventory archive, .iar.gz) Added 2009
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