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Metaverse Ink specializes in developing addons for the OpenSimulator platform with the goal of enhancing the virtual environment experience. We are the home of the diva distribution, (aka D2) one of the most popular distributions of OpenSimulator, whose goal is to give [almost] everyone a chance to run their own virtual world in their home or in the cloud. D2 consists of a preconfigured standalone OpenSimulator server that is Hypergrid-enabled and that is enhanced with a few addons such as search, a web app for user registrations, and more.

If you have special needs that go beyond what the free OpenSimulator platform provides, feel free to contact us.

Diva Canto
'Diva' is a core developer of OpenSimulator since 2008, and one of the main architects of the platform. Her involvement with the OpenSimulator project is motivated primarily for uses of virtual environments in Education and Urban Planning.

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